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The ROBO ADVISOR service is an automated mutual fund portfolio management. It will design and continuously manage your portfolio while closely monitoring financial markets at the global level.
The ROBO ADVISOR service is designed to enable people to invest even with limited time or investment experience. The service serves as your own personal investment advisor to help with all the decisions.A minimum investment of 5,000 THB.Why the ROBO ADVISOR Service
Easy and Convenient Invest on the EASY INVEST application with a minimum investment of 5,000 THB.
Invest Automatically Every Month Starting at 2,000 THB per month
Portfolio that Suits Your Needs Select mutual funds from 17 AMCs to match your objective.
Continuously Manage Your Portfolio Automatically rebalance to reflect the changing market conditions
No Additional Charge No extra fee is charge on top; you only pay as much as it costs if you invest it yourself.
Performance Right on the App See how it performs everywhere every time on the EASY INVEST application
Monthly Performance Report Summarize performance report monthly so you don’t miss a thing.
How It Works1. Formulate First of all, let’s create your investment portfolio on the EASY INVEST application. 2. Allocate The ROBO ADVISOR service will design your investment portfolio. 3. Rebalance The service will automatically rebalance your portfolio according to your initial investment target and risk tolerance. Invest now with EASY INVEST by downloading the application and clicking “Start” View all user manuals for the ROBO ADVISOR service Open an account and start investing on EASY INVEST application.