SCBS Reward Point

Give you happiness in stock/TFEX trading to receive 1 SCBS Reward Points for every 50 Baht of trading fee. You can collect the points to redeem for SCBAM Mutual Fund, SCB Credit Card Reward Points, Royal Orchid Plus(ROP), or any other rewards.

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Every 1 SCBS Reward Point = 2 The 1 Card points

New! Get 1,000 Baht of SCBSFFP-I with every 2,500 SCBS Reward Point.

SCB Securities (SCBS) has introduced an “Earn ROP Miles with Stock Trading” promotion that lets clients redeem SCBS Reward Points for Thai Airways International Royal Orchid Plus (ROP) miles when accumulating the points through stock and derivative trading with SCBS. Every 1 SCBS Reward Points can be redeemed for 1 ROP mile. The offer, available from now until October 25, 2017

Use Reward Points to redeem for SCB Credit Card Reward Points with special rates.

Download the catalog here to find out some interesting rewards.

It is quite easy to redeem a reward, just to click on the link for downloading the redemption form and complete it. After that the chosen reward will be sent to your hands soon.