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Invest in Thai Stocks

Equity (stock) is a security that represents a share of an ownership in a company. Companies issue stock to raise money to grow, operate, and invest in their business. This ownership share entitles the owner of the stock (called shareholder) to a proportion of the company's assets and profits equal to how much stock they own. Types of Equity Instruments 1. Common stock 2. Preferred stock 3. Stock warrant Invest in Stocks with SCBS. For SCB EASY users, download the EASY INVEST application from App Store or Play Store and click “Start” to open an investment account. For non SCB EASY users, open an investment account at any SCB branch. Stock Trading Accounts. You will receive two stock investment accounts: cash balance account, and cash account. The account number of each account can be found in an account opening confirmation email, under the topic ‘Invest in Thai Stocks.’ and SCB EASY application, under the menus ‘Investments’ and ‘Securities and Other Investments.’ Cash Balance. Deposit cash and start investing. This type of trading account is suitable for beginners due to its simplicity and low trading fees. Cash Account. Trade now, pay later. This type of trading account is suitable for investors who need liquidity management as the account requires collateral deposit of 20% of the approved credit limit and allows cash settlement 2 business days after the trading date. Credit Balance Account. Invest with borrowed funds. This type of trading account is suitable for investors who would like to finance the purchase of securities with borrowed funds by pledging cash or stocks as collateral. The minimum balance to open an account is 500,000 THB. Online Investment Channels View All User Manuals – Equity EASY INVEST. Open an account and start investing.