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SCBS places emphasis on providing securities trading, equity offering, and securities underwriting. With the full support of reliable information from the Securities Analysis Division and the Investment Strategy Division, and service access to SCB 's formidable network 1,200 bank branches nationwide, the company is confident of its potential to forge a link between investors and opportunities in various kinds of investment.

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OTC Derivatives SCBS

OTC Derivatives

OTC derivatives combine financial assets (such as equities and interest rates) with a more sophisticated optional component to boost performance. They allow investor to take full advantage of market opportunities and increase portfolio return while keeping risk under control. OTC derivatives at SCBS are an excellent way to meet specific needs such as expected returns, cash flows, investment horizons and respective constraints (such as risk level).

The characteristics of OTC derivatives offered by SCBS

ü Created in accordance with market opportunities or investment themes

ü Offered as yield products, directional products, and hedging products.

ü Personalized investment solutions, designed by SCBS to meet your expectations

ü Providing services to high net worth customers, institutional investors and private clients.

Why OTC derivatives by SCBS

ü Operates professionally under the Siam Commercial Bank Group.

ü High stability with a credit rating of AA from Fitch Ratings (Thailand).

ü Provide full investment services (One-Stop-investment)

ü Complete with investment decision information, both from the SCB EIC and SCB Securities Research Center.

Risks: Investing in OTC derivatives involves risks, including market risk, interest rate risk, taxation risk, and liquidity risks. In addition, OTC derivatives have limited lifespans. Investors are also exposed to counterparty risks like credit and default risks of the OTC derivatives issuer. To manage the risks, investors should seek to understand the workings of this instrument and of financial markets in general. To find out more, please contact our Investment Consultants.

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