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SCBS places emphasis on providing securities trading, equity offering, and securities underwriting. With the full support of reliable information from the Securities Analysis Division and the Investment Strategy Division, and service access to SCB 's formidable network 1,200 bank branches nationwide, the company is confident of its potential to forge a link between investors and opportunities in various kinds of investment.

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Derivative Warrants NO.23

SCB Securities Co., Ltd. (SCBS), a SET’s NO. 23 member, first launched DW in 2013. DW, like other derivative products, is a leverage product. DW allows investors to invest with less amount of money compared to non leverage product with opportunities to make higher returns. However, the price of DW can move rapidly so the risk associated with DW is higher than those of non leverage products. The loss from DW is limited by the amount of money an investor puts in it, unlike futures contracts, there is no margin call for DW. Investors have to understand the factors that affect DW price before deciding to invest in it. Investors also have to know information about the issuers and their business stability in order to understand the risk from issuers. Fitch ratings affirmed the national long-term ratings of SCB Securities Co., Ltd. (SCBS) at AA (tha).

Derivative Warrant (DW) provided by SCB Securities Co., Ltd. (DW no. 23) includes Call Warrant (right to buy the underlying at strike price) and put warrant (right to sell the underlying at strike price). SCBS is the first issuer to provide Price Guideline for the DWs issued. Our price guideline is a very accurate and reliable tool that helps investor estimate DW price 5 days in advance based on the range of underlying price and assumptions of the market maker. Investor can access Price Guideline via

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