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          SCB Securities (SCBS) recently held a special “Thai Stock Market Direction in Q1/2015” seminar, in which a team of veteran stock analysts from the Research Group were invited to present economic data, provide in-depth analysis of the Thai stock market, share investment strategy advice, and recommend top stock picks.

          Mr. Kiattisak Jenwipakul, Managing Director of the SCBS Research Group, said the special seminar was organized with the aim of presenting economic data and providing participants with investment strategies for the first quarter of 2015. A team of stock analysts projected that the Thai stock market this year will be bolstered by the economic recovery of the United States and easing monetary policies adopted by Europe, Japan, and China.

          More importantly, the better outlook for the Thai economy and the continued recovery of profits by listed companies has boosted bullish market investment sentiment. SCBS maintained its earlier forecast that the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) composite index will reach 1,800 points this year, and revised the target price/earning (PE) ratio to 14.8 times based on an average earning yield gap of 3% during 2013-2014.

          Top picks recommended by SCBS are stocks benefiting from the recovery of the tourism industry and basic infrastructure construction, including Asia Aviation PCL (AVV), The Erawan Group PCL (ERW), Nok Airlines PCL (NOK), and Italian-Thai Development PCL (ITD). The company also favors Amata Corporation PCL (AMATA), which benefits from foreign direct investment (FDI), and Asia Plus Securities PCL (ASP), which offers high dividend yields.

          Stock analysts participating in the seminar included Mr. Kiattisak; Investment strategists Mr. Ekpawin Suntarapichard and Mr. Varorith Chirachon; property and industrial estate sector analyst Mrs. Sirikarn Krisnipat; banking, finance, insurance and securities sector analyst Ms. Kittima Sattayapan; construction services, food, and agribusiness sector analyst Ms. Vajiralux Sanglerdsillapachai; and health care, media, and tourism sector analyst Ms. Raweenuch Piyakriengkai.