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SCB Securities (SCBS) has introduced 23 new derivative warrants (DWs) suitable for medium and long term investment based on underlying fundamental stocks with promising prospects in tandem with economic growth.

Of these, 15 DWs will be offered for sale in the form of call warrants including BMCL23C1510A TRUE23C1510A STEC23C1510A CK23C1510A ITD23C1510A TMB23C1601A AOT23C1601A AAV23C1601A BLAN23C1601A STPI23C1601A DTAC23C1603A INTU23C1603A KBAN23C1603A BBL23C1604A SCC23C1604A. The other 8 DWs will be in the form of put warrants and include AOT23P1507A PTT23P1507A BBL23P1507A KBAN23P1507A TRUE23P1507A PTTE23P1507A SCC23P1507A INTU23P1507A.

With longer tenors, the call warrants have a 2.5 gearing ratio. They are tailor-made for medium- and long-term investors looking for higher returns than common stocks. Their risk is lower than that of DWs issued by other securities firms. The put warrants have a gearing ratio of 4 in preparation for short-term profit taking

So far, SCBS has issued 52 call warrants and 16 put warrants better catering to the various needs of investors. The new DWs will begin trading on the SET on January 15, 2015.

SCBS will also provide investors with a “Price Guideline” investment assistance tool featuring a table of buyback offers by market makers. With this tool, investors will be in a position to evaluate DW prices properly when comparing the prices of underlying stocks and the remaining tenors. Calculation is made using the Black-Scholes model under the assumptions established by market makers. DW prices will be guaranteed based on the buyback offer table under conditions set by market makers. Investors can study conditions and how to use the tool at

The call and put warrants, carefully selected based on 23 underlying stocks with promising prospects, include derivative warrants for the following companies:

Call Warrants
  1.  Bangkok Metro PCL (BMCL23C1510A)
  2.  True Corporation PCL (TRU23C1510A)
  3.  Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction PCL (STEC23C1510A)
  4.  CH. Karnchang PCL (CK23C1510A)
  5.  Italian-Thai Development PCL (ITD23C1510A)
  6.  TMB PCL (TMB23C1601A)
  7.  Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT23C1601A)
  8.  Asia Aviation PCL (AAV23C1601A)
  9.  Bangkok Land PCL (BLAN23C1601A)
10.  STP & I PCL (STPI23C1601A)
11.  Total Access Communication PCL (DTAC23C1603A)
12.  Intuch Holding PCL (INTU23C1603A)
13.  Kasikornbank PCL (KBAN23C1603A)
14.  Bangkok Bank PCL (BBL23C1604A)
15.  Siam Cement PCL (SCC23C1604A)

Put Warrants
16.  Airports of Thailand PCL (AOT23P1507A)
17.  PTT PCL (PTT23P1507A)
18.  Bangkok PCL (BBL23P1507A)
19.  Kasikornbank PCL (KBAN23P1507A)
20.  True Corporation PCL(TRUE23P1507A)
21.  PTT Exploration and Production PCL PTTE23P1507A)
22.  Siam Cement PCL (SCC23P1507A)
23.  Intuch Holding PCL (INTU23P1507A)

DW Type Underlying
Exercise Ratio
Trading Day
BMCL23C1510A Call BMCL 1.72 1.4

15 October 2015

TRUE23C1510A Call TRUE 9.5 10
STEC23C1510A Call STEC 19.8 15
CK23C1510A Call CK 21.2 16
ITD23C1510A Call ITD 5.7 4
TMB23C1601A Call TMB 2.44 1.6 14 January 2016
AOT23C1601A Call AOT 234 150
AAV23C1601A Call AAV 3.7 1.6
BLAN23C1601A Call BLAND 1.42 1.5
STPI23C1601A Call STPI 16.2 15
DTAC23C1603A Call DTAC 77 39

24 March 2016

INTU23C1603A Call INTOUCH 62.5 40
KBAN23C1603A Call KBANK 184 90
BBL23C1604A Call BBL 165 80 21 April 2016
SCC23C1604A Call SCC 360 320
AOT23P1507A Put AOT 234 30

16 July 2016

PTT23P1507A Put PTT 288 40
BBL23P1507A Put BBL 173 18
KBAN23P1507A Put KBANK 202 35
TRUE23P1507A Put TRUE 9.5 3.3
PTTE23P1507A Put PTTEP 98 17
SCC23P1507A Put SCC 405 70
INTU23P1507A Put INTUCH 71 9

Investors can have confidence in financial instruments issued by SCBS because global ratings agency Fitch Ratings has maintained the national long-term rating for the company at AA- (tha) with Stable Outlook and a national short-term rating of F1+ (tha). This reflects the trustworthiness and efficiency of SCBS performance and the strategic competency of its parent Siam Commercial Bank, particularly in its retail customer base and sound performance results. Interested investors can seek additional information by calling the SCBS Call Center at 02-949-1999, or by studying additional details on the 23 DWs at,